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Dienstag, 30. Dezember 2008, 04:27

Die Abkürzungen hinter Busse...

Knife designations
AD - Active Duty
AB - Aftershock Bolo
AK - American Kensei
AK47 - American Kensei 47
AS - Assault Shaker
BA - Badger Attack
B3 (BB3) - Basic 3 (Busse Basic 3)
B4 (BB4) - Basic 4 (Busse Basic 4) (European release only) (AKA Euro 4)
B5 (BB5) - Basic 5 (Busse Basic 5)
B6 (BB6) - Basic 6 (Busse Basic 6) (European release only - AKA Euro 6 - like a basic version of the caretaker)
B7 (BB7) - Basic 7 (Busse Basic 7)
B9 (BB9) - Basic 9 (Busse Basic 9)
BM - Battle Mistress
CR - Combat Recruit
CT - Care Taker (European release only - a clip point e handled knife, roughly the size of a NO)
C4 (BC4) - Combat 4 (Busse Basic Combat 4 - European release only, essentially a 4" satin jack blade, with the smaller 3rd gen style choil)
FILET KNIVES - some of the older micarta handled knives Jerry made, came in 4,5, and 6" lengths
FO - Force One
GM - Groove Master
GW - Game Warden (prototype e-handled knife - few known to exist )
HR - Hell Razor
HOG - Heavy Ordnance Grade
IF - Inbred Fighter
KB - Killer Bee.(AKA 4' pure bred fighter that is factory wrapped in yellow and black or all black)
LE - Limited Edition
MS - Mean Street (old model)
MRS - Meaner Street (new model)
- Nuclear Air Rescue Knife
NIP - Nuclear Ice Pick
NO - Natural Outlaw
PBS - Pork Belly Skinner
PD - Public Defender
PH - Paul's Hatchet
Piano Key
PR - Police Recruit
4' PBF - 4' Pure Bred Fighter (AKA Killer Bee)
6' PBF - 6' Pure Bred Fighter
8' PBF - 8' Pure Bred Fighter
SJ - Satin Jack
SHARK - Early fighting knife with shark-like lines
SH - Stealth Hawk
SH - Steel Heart
SH1 - Steal Heart, earliest version, 6' blade, birds beak pommel
SH2 - Steal Heart - a longer version (7.5') with either the birds beak or the later rounded pommel
SK - Skeleton Key
TB - Tank Buster
UF - Urgent Fury
WB - War Boar

Variant/one off knife designations
3 FINGER - an older busse design, similar to the Mean Street, but smaller.
82ND AIRBORNE - earlier busse, oval handle, saber ground, false upper swedge, a kind of bottle opener style choil
AA - Argonne Assault - Originals were made early years of Busse History. Re-released in 2002 as the 10th Anniversary = 7.5' blade, 20th Anniversary = 9.5' blade. "Magnum" = 10.5' Argonne Assault blade, and the California-legal version with the knuckle guards removed.
APPRENTICE KNIFE - made by people working under the Busse apprentice program, most/all were sans front talon hole, and most often had cord wrapped handles instead of micarta.
AXE - Early years item. Few known to exist. (estimated to be 3 or so)
ASH - Anniversary Steel Heart
BA - Bad Apple
BA-3 - Badger Attack 3
BA-E - Badger Attack Ergo
BATAC - Badger Attack TAC
BBSHSH - Birds Beak Straight Handled Steel Heart
BM-E - Battle Mistress Ergo
B&T - Bird and trout knife - 1 of 3 made for 3 brothers. Late 1982, D2 steel, real pre-embargo ivory handles
BLUE GRASS BOWIE - A GFD bowie made from an e-handled knife
BW - Bad Warden
DAGGER - a 1983-1986 blade that was made from Jerry's brothers design
DH - Defiance Hill - stag handled d2 blade bowie, made early in Jerry's knife making career
DWMS - Desert Warfare Mean Street - smooth coat, reddish-brown micarta. .220 normally. Some in 9/32.
EU ZTBM - Extraction Unit Zero Tolerance Battle Mistress
FBM - Fusion Battle Mistress
FFFBM - Fat Flat Fusion Battle Mistress
FIB - Flinted Indian blade, heavily gun blued 0-1 blades made in Jerry's very early years
FSH - Fusion Steel Heart
FSH-1 - Fusion Steel Heart 1
FT - Flying Tiger, looks like a modified Flying Mojo, with the recurve ground out of the back end of the blade, the flying serrations closer together, and a lot of handle variance.
HH - (Fusion) Heavy Heart
HOFBM LE - Heavy Ordnance Fusion Battle Mistress Limited Edition
HOFSH - Heavy Ordnance Fusion Steel heart
HOFSH LE - Heavy Ordnance Fusion Steel heart Limited Edition
HOSJTAC LE - Heavy Ordnance Satin Jack TAC Limited Edition
HT - Holy Terror - a serrated d-guard attachment meant for the original straight handled Steel Hearts. Also offered with a separate handle so it could be used independent of a knife.
LIL' UGLY - Earlier small blade version which pre-dated Mean Street
LMS - Lean Mean Street - thinner version of the Mean Street - reported 117 made (110 black micarta, 7 tan)
LMRS - Leaner Meaner Street - a thinner variation of the Meaner Street
Mr. MOFO - a saber ground version of the Mr. MOJO
Mr. MEFO - exact same knife as the Mr. MOFO, only with the letters "MEFO" instead of "MOFO" laser-etched onto it. A rare etching mistake.
HD - Heavy Duty - a 0.25" variation of the Active Duty
HOOD KNIFE - a straight handled Battle Mistress variant designed by Ron Hood
IA - Internal Affair (a clip point BM-e variant)
KL - Knight Light
MIGHTY BOHEMOTH - A very large recurved e-handled custom.
MOAB - Mother Of All Bowies
MOASH - Mother Of All Steel Hearts
MJ - Mole Jack
NICK - Nuclear INFI Culinary Knife -Also offered in XXX NICK version
NO-E - Natural Outlaw Ergo
NUKE HEARTS - Steel Heart variants that featured a sharpened top edge (hollow ground)
OD - Off Duty - a 3/8 variation of the Active Duty
PA - Pink Apple - variation of a variation, using pink died bone handles
PD - Birch Knob Polar Drop, early smooth micarta smooth bolt busse. A 'nuclear payload' knife, it was buried in 1989 for later retrieval
PS - Pepper Shaker (swedged & hollow ground Assault Shaker variant)
RUGER BOWIE - a style of bowie from the early days (pre-production) of Jerry Busse's knife making career
Sub-Hilt Fighter
- Satin Jack TAC
SFNO - Special Forces Natural Outlaw
SHBA - Straight Handled Badger Attack
SHBM - Straight Handled Battle Mistress
SHSH - Straight Handled Steel Heart
SH-E - Steel Heart Ergo
Uncle MOJO
Uncle MOFO
VWF - Vasco Wear Fighter. A Ruger bowie made in Vasco wear steel.
ZT - Zero Tolerance variant: BM, SH, NO and SJ

Military overrun knife designations
ARK - Air Rescue Knife
AT1 - Arctic Team 1, a clip point BM-e with white coating, and forward seat belt cutter style serrations.
B.A.R.F - Busse Assault Ring Fighter - fighter-style offered with forward finger ring for retention/positional maintenance. Offered in 3 sizes, as well as 3 ringless "California" legal versions.
BIBB - Bolo Inspired Battle Blade
BS - Buffalo Soldier
DSF - Desert Storm Fighter
EU17 - extraction unit 17. These knives were offered in mini (6'), regular/standard (7') and magnum (9.5') sizes. They were made from e-series blades, specifically the BM, SH, and either NO or BA (yet to be released to the public)
LU - Lil' Ugly
MR - Mud Razor
- a blade of 'secure' origins that had very strict regulations on public purchase.
ST Ripper
- Persian Fighter
TALIWHACKER - only Busse knife to use SR101, a modified 52110 steel used in Swamp Rat products
TANKER A - a longer version of the Combat 4, came with serrated or PE (plain edge) options. (At least one of which had raptor pattern scales).
TM - Terror Monkey - rumored to have been made for an Israeli special unit specializing in rappelling, these knives had a special coating and 2 handle variations, one eu-17 style, and another that thinned out the index finger area, and the curve going towards the butt. They were made from ZT (Zero Tolerance) blade blanks, in BM (TM ZTBM), SH (TM ZTSH), and NO (TM ZTNO) versions. They were offered with either new-style serrations or plain edge.
Handle designations (and features)
3RD GEN (generation) - used on the satin jack and others. (BA3, GM, PD, PH, etc.) Rope cut scales.
BB - bird's beak handle designation, specifically the pommel. CANVAS MICARTA - a layered material made of canvas and phenolic resin roughest and strongest of the 3 micarta types used by Busse
E - ergo handle designation
EDC - every day carry
F - fusion (meant to be a handle designation, but often misused to designate the new line of knives)
FACTORY WRAPPED - used on the Pure Bred Fighter series and some Busse Swords, it was a Japanese-style wrap, often in the Busse colors of black and yellow, but also offered in black/black.
FLYING - seat belt cutter style serrations on the top and bottom of the knife near the tip. Also has been used to describe handle modifications (which vary)
LINEN MICARTA - a layered material made of linen and phenolic resin
MAGNUM - a thicker then normal handle variation used on the new line. Also used to describe a larger or longer version of other knives, such as the magnum eu17, Argonne Assault
QUILTED PATTERN - a set of raised diamonds, used on the e-series of handle scales.
RAPTOR PATTERN - a wavy set of grooves most notably used on the Active Duty handles (and later the Meaner and Leaner Meaner Street)
PAPER MICARTA - a layered material made of paper and phenolic resin.
ROPE PATTERN - used on 3rd gen. handles (SJ, BA3, etc)
SF - Special Forces (handle designation) - found on the SFNO, F1, and other offerings from 2004 on.
SH - straight handled
SH - sub-hilt
SLOTTED - a type of handle fastener essentially a flat head screwdriver bolt, used between smooth and tubed scales periods
SMOOTH - a type of fastener that had a smooth head, used on the earlier knives, before production years started
SMOOTH MICARTA - designates a lack of machining on the micarta slabs, meaning they are smooth rather then rope pattern or raptor patterned.
TAC (T) - tactical handle designation, found on the NARK and others offered 2004 on
TUBE - the current handle fastener - a tube of metal flared under extremely high


Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2008, 10:36

Prima ChriBo :)

& natürlich im

Busse Collector

Desert Storm

Blade O'holic

Wohnort: Bayern, Stadt des weiß-blauen Himmels

Beruf: Ex-Anzugträger

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Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2008, 16:29

Super, danke! :thumbsup:
beste Grüße, Alex
Was willst Du mit dem Dolche, sprich! - Kartoffeln schälen, siehst Du's nicht?


Sharp dressed man

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Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2008, 20:24

Klasse Liste! Die Abkürzungen sind eine eigene Wissenschaft bei Busse... (Die Nummern von den Benchmade Messern merk ich mir auch nie ;) )



  • »ChriBo« ist der Autor dieses Themas

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Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2008, 21:20

Ach das war noch längst nicht alles... :D

Wenn es dann drum geht wie man die Busse-Jünger nennt, gibt's nnoch mehr Lesestoff:


The simlpest explanation of what constitutes an "INFI HOG" is simple. An "INFI HOG" is some one who has acquired any number of Busse Combat Knives, and has an overwhelming and unchecked desire to obtain more. However there are degrees of "HOGdom". They are as follows
PIGLET - A Piglet is some one who has one or two Busses ans says "I must have some more". A piglet usaully has the start of a modest collection and is building it slowly and in moderation.

PIG - A Pig is someone who has a modest collection, and is expanding their collection as rapidly as time and finances allow and attempts to do so with some degree of moderation.

HOG - A Hog is some one who has a medium to large collection who is attempting to enlarge his collection as fast as possible. The mark of a true HOG is not the size of their collection, although it is invariably large, but by the tactics they use in acquiring INFI. A true INFI Hog will use whatever means needed to increase their trove including decieving their significant other and fellow Busse enthusiasts. The resort to such ploys as, having packages delivered to work instead of home, claiming they have had a new knife in their collection for years (to fool the wife/husband), stalking the forums night and day, as well as surfing the net for possible sources of their beloved INFI. Some HOGS go to great lengths to hide their "INFI Wealth" from others, while some HOGS show off constanly.

MEGA HOG - the Mega Hog or Uber Swine is one of the most prominent and some time reviled "HOGS" of all. The Mega Hog has a vast trove of INFI and will stop at nothing to acquire more. Mega Hogs often buy multiple copies of the same model therfor depriving their INFI Bretheren of pleasure. Some of the traits of the Mega HOG are, recieving obsenely large packeges of INFI from Wauseon, attempting to bribe Blade Babe, having hoards of INFI requiring multiple rooms or safes to store, and enlisting family members to circumvent INFI ordering restrictions.

Sasquatch HOG The Sasquatch HOGs are shadowy and elusive creatures who are posessed of vast and uncharted hoards of INFI who move among us unseen and unheard. To date none of these creatures have been sighted in the wild except by the man himself.

HOG Farmer The HOG Farmer or "Farmer Jerry", as he thinks of himself, is Jerry Busse the provider of all INFI Goodness, the one who feeds us all. He is the man with the key to the "INFI Mine", a top secret facility where Busse Cobat Knives are manufactured.

HOGETTE - HOGette is a term used to describe the creatures at the top of the "INFI HOG" food chain. The HOGettes are the lovely ladies who keep the INFI flowing to us and make sure our orders make it to us. Headed by Blade Babe and Shaggi, the HOGettes watch out for Jerry and keep the INFI Mine running smoothly. Without the HOGettes nonw of would be able to wallow in the INFI.

Now that what constitued an "INFI HOG" has been clarified, here are some signs that you may be an "INFI HOG"

  • When you move the first change of address you file is with the Busse mail guy.
  • You have ever considered asking Jerry to make you some BBQ implements out of INFI.
  • You decide the cost of your next Busse purchase not by how much it costs, but by how many things you are going to have to buy for your significant other to make up for it.
  • You have ever used a Busse to cut some thing at the dinner table (extra points for usage in a resteraunt)
  • You refer to your mother in law as "The battle Mistress"
  • You have ever lost sleep trying to come up with entries for a Busse naming contest.
  • Your name your dog INFI.
  • You have the number to the Busse Shop on speed dial.
  • Your wall paper on your computer is a picture of a Busse and you use the Busse screen saver. Now if you could only get a email address
  • Even though he is not allowed to touch them, your preschool son knows the names of all your Busse knives.
  • You fellow forumites refer to you by a variation of your forum name having to do with HOG, i.e. "Onewhooinks", "Idahooinker", "Eric Porkerson", "Proporker", etc.



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Samstag, 3. Januar 2009, 14:49

man lernt nie aus :thumbsup:

Der neue Partnershop

Be the kind of man that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says "Oh Crap, He's up!" Brother, life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forgive the ones who don't just because you can. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Take a few minutes to think before you act when you're mad. Forgive quickly. God never said life would be easy, He just promised it would be worth it.



  • »ChriBo« ist der Autor dieses Themas

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Samstag, 3. Januar 2009, 15:31


Man kann nie genug davon haben :D

Jetzt könnt ihr euch ja streichen, was ihr schon habt und seht, was euch noch fehlt :whistling:

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